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    Mission 4 is one of Australia’s most trusted electronic component sourcing specialists. Established in 2001 and with clients and suppliers spanning all continents, mission 4 continues to provide sourcing services for manufacturers throughout Australasia.

    Why choose Mission 4:

    • Quality components guaranteed.
    • Fast, efficient, and reliable service.
    • Established international network.
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Our office

  • Mission 4 Pty Limited
    Unit2, 253 Leitchs Road, Brendale
    Queensland. 4500. Australia


Mission 4 provides Australias electronic manufacturing industry with leading electronic component sourcing services. Mission 4 specialises in hard to find, components in constraint or obsolete electronic components. We also provide manufacturers with specialist component kitting services and sourcing for Bill of Material lists.
Mission 4 is one of Australias leading electronic component sourcing services for electronic manufacturers that face component and line stops through electronic product shortages.